Lavender Fields

The Lavender Fields project in Albuquerque's North Valley spans 27.75 acres and comprises 82 lots for market-rate builders. It's a gated community featuring a landscaped roundabout, open space, and walking trails. The site, formerly a cabinet mill and featured in "Breaking Bad," underwent redevelopment over three years, including securing a special use permit with Bernalillo County. 9.6 acres of open space benefit residents, with walking trails connecting to adjacent communities. The project faced challenges, including the sudden passing of the original developer and Covid restrictions but was completed by AMREP Southwest. Houses, valued from low $600k to over $1 million, are being built by two builders. Major hurdles included creating fire access and resolving BNSF easement and rail spur issues. Overall, it's a high-end development with careful attention to community and environmental considerations.

Lavender Fields, nestled in Albuquerque's North Valley, spans nearly 28 acres, hosting 82 generously-sized lots within a gated enclave. A central circular roundabout, landscaped with lush greenery, serves as a focal point, offering residents a tranquil space for relaxation and community engagement.

The project's history adds depth to its appeal, once housing a defunct cabinet mill and featured prominently in "Breaking Bad." A comprehensive three-year redevelopment effort transformed the site into a residential haven, overcoming regulatory hurdles to secure a special use permit from Bernalillo County.

Company : Lavender Fields

Location : Albuquerque, NM